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أهلا وسهلا بكم في موقع موسيقى الفيديو العربيه

  • We have recorded and digitized hundreds of traditional Arabic music video clips for most of the Arab Artists and performer


1. Theme Music,  2. Idrees Malouni (Morocco) Tarnimat al-Hayat,  3. Riyadh al-Sunbati- Alatlal,  4. Karima Siquilli (Morocco)- Alaik salaat ellah, 5. Mohammad Ghaniya (Tunis)- Istikhbar Cello,  6. Hasan Araibi (Libya) Hathi al-manazil,  7. Ibn albalad- M. Abdilwahhab,  8.  Abbadi al-Jawhar (Saudi Arabia)- Ya sidi Badri,  Mohammad abdilmuttalib (Egypt) - Sakin fi Hay elsayyida 

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 Streaming Arabic Music Videos  and  Classical Arabic Music web sites,  a musically educational and entertaining web sites, are dedicated to bringing you the best of available Traditional and Classical Arabic Music Videos.  We have compiled hundreds of hours of Satellite digital video telecasts from all around the Middle East and North Africa.  We are striving to present the best that Traditional and Classical Arabic Music has to offer.  From Concert telecasts, intimate small groups telecasts, to individual performers, we have found that the Old Classics are still alive, and the number of singers, musicians and performers who are creating the modern Traditionals are very impressive.  The great majority of these entertainers are as creative as the old ones, and the modern orchestration has given the Traditional and Classic Music a new dimension.  We offer the following publications as a way of promoting this art form for your viewing and enjoyment.  The material is offered as an educational  and entertaining material about Classical and Traditional Arabic Music.  The Videos are high quality, and are re-digitized to be viewed on either NTSC or PAL/SECAM T.V. Systems.  Proceeds of sales will help support the two web sites